Ruth Garland-Dewson to Receive Power of One Award

Community activist Ruth Garland-Dewson will be honored for her efforts to help free Flozelle Woodmore from prison with a “Power of One” award at this year’s Jenesse Center’s Circle of Excellence ceremony in Beverly Hills, April 27. The Jenesse Center is the oldest domestic violence intervention program in South Central Los Angeles, and celebrities like Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson and Jay Leno regularly lend their time and support to its fund-raising events.

Ruth, perhaps best known as being the personality behind her hat designs at her San Francisco shop, Mrs. Dewson’s Hats, has been putting her celebrity to good works for many years. But it was the well-documented Flozelle Woodmore case, or as one columnist termed it, “everything that is wrong with the fusion of politics and parole policy,” that led Ruth to take on the legal system and change a life.

Flozelle had been incarcerated in California for the murder of an allegedly abusive boyfriend in 1986. Having expressed deep remorse, successfully gone through the prison system rehabilitation system and done her 15 years’ time, Flozelle was recommended for parole–and denied–five times before Ruth stepped in. Using her clout with the famous, the well-connected, the clergy and the press, Ruth was able to highlight the injustices of the Flozelle Woodmore case–convicted after pleading guilty to second-degree murder, she ultimately served more time than had she been convicted of first-degree murder.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Donate to Out4Immigration

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will celebrate their 29th anniversary with an Easter Party in San Francisco’s Dolores Park this Sunday. Part of the festivities will include the Sisters annual tradition of awarding grants to nonprofit organizations that help our community. Among this year’s recipients will be Out4Immigration, a two-year-old organization that was started to bring much needed focus about the issue of LGBT immigration struggles to the forefront of public discussion and equal rights.

“We are fabulously excited to grant out a grand total of $20,050 for 23 different organizations,” Sister Dionna Cross, Chairnun of the Grants Committee, told Bay Times. “Our grants are helping many terrific, well-deserving causes.” (read more)

Coolest Girl in School – Mobile Game for Girls (and Boys) Who ‘Get’ Girls

Someone “Gets” Coolest Girl in School and (sssshhhh!) He’s a Boy

GameSetWatch’s Drew Taylor caught up with Champagne for the Ladies’ Holly Owen, creator of the mobile game “Coolest Girl in School” the other day. He’s got a lot to say about the mobile game for girls that shocked the “shockable” — or those who took the concept of girls playing a game that challenged them to “lie, bitch and flirt” their way to the top of the high school social order without a tinge of irony. News flash: it’s a game. Word: it’s fun!

“Released in Australia in late 2007 (with a US, Canada and UK release expected early this year), Coolest Girl in School has more in common with trashy magazine quizzes, online social networks and personal diary entries than it does with the usual mobile phone game fare. Crazy, magazine cut-out visuals, overlaid on lined notebook paper, lead the player into a non-linear series of confronting and hilarious multiple-choice scenarios, while hand-drawn icons and over-the-top narrative give constant feedback on how cool (or not) the player is.” (Read more)