Stuart Milk Meets Out4Immigration

Stuart Milk, nephew of slain LGBT civil rights leader Harvey Milk, joined Out4Immigration at the San Francisco Pride Festival gate for a chat, some photos and a very kind donation. Stuart supports Out4Immigration’s work and understands its cause and believes his uncle would agree. Stuart is pictured here with Out4Immigration’s vice president Mickey Lim and president Belinda Ryan.

Photo by KazzaDrask Media.

Hotspotr Finds You Free WiFi

Hotspotr is now available for download to your mobile phone. Not only should one never be more than a few blocks from free WiFi, one shouldn’t have to lug the laptop out in the middle of the street to find out how close said free WiFi actually is. (“Hey — is it just around the corner, or am I supposed to walk around pointing my laptop at strange buildings for a couple of miles?”) Hotspotr, the San Francisco-based website that plots free WiFi spots across the country, and aggregates user reviews of signal strength, outlet availability, and food, has gone mobile. Punch in your number online and you’ll get a text linking you to the app; download; and use your cell phone to find the free WiFi nearest you.

The Obama Supporters

Earlier this year I took some photos of Obama supporters in California during the California primary and this has led to a freelance photography project of Obama supporters leading up to the general election. In my voting lifetime, no one has energized Americans like Barack Obama. He makes me, and millions of Americans, proud to be American. Because, for so many people, this is the first time they can truly stand up and say they are proud of their country, I look forward to capturing images that say the same.

Photo by KazzaDrask Media.

More on the Australian Prime Minister’s Work Ethic…

Last week, when I was in Australia, a story about Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s work habits hit the media in a sensational way. It was headline news on Sunday, June 1 and I promised to follow up on this guy who, it was reported, works too hard according to a number of Australians.

The story, which had front page and TV news lead prominence on June 1, has quickly been left to the blogs and comments sections to be sorted out. Meanwhile, Rudd continues to go to work as the newly elected Labor Prime Minister setting about restructuring years of Liberal rule. (A job not quite as daunting as the next Democratic president of the US will have, but a busy job, nevertheless.)

The controversy appears now to be in one of three camps: Rudd’s PR people planted the story about federal public service opposition to his strenuous work habits on a slow news day to keep building momentum for the Rudd agenda; Rudd does not work hard enough (as in one post which asked, “Has he even started working yet?”); or Rudd does work too hard and we wish he’d stop because (a) he’s fixing things that aren’t broken or (b) he’s a hypocrite who promised a balance of work and family life and didn’t really mean it.

So, do I know any more today about the call by some Australians to their prime minister to stop working so hard than I did a week ago? Well, no, other than it was a curiosity to more than one American like myself and earned a mention in Wikipedia, albeit, like here, with no further explanation.

Ruth Garland-Dewson to Get LARRIED

You know her as San Francisco’s “Hat Lady”, “the Mayor of Fillmore Street” and from this blog. This Saturday night, June 14, San Francisco businesswoman Ruth Garland-Dewson will get LARRIED at San Francisco’s Alano Club.

Improv troupe, Too Many Larrys! will interview Mrs. Dewson on stage about a typical day in her life — and then re-enact it! Having spent a day or two with Mrs. Dewson over the past couple of months, I am sure this will be a roller-coaster ride with a lotta laughs peppered with her various daily good deeds. Don’t miss it!

$10 at the door, the show starts at 8:30 pm. The Alano Club is located at 1748 Market St. @ Octavia in San Francisco.

Aussie PM Kevin Rudd Warned to ‘Slow Down’

It’s the big story Down Under. Australian PM Kevin Rudd is working too hard and many Australians want him to slow down. This is interesting for an American like me who works with a lot of Australians, and in fact, is in Australia right now (working really hard, btw). I often get to write about the subtle similarities and differences between our two fantastic cultures and here’s another example. Has anyone ever told the President of the United States he’s working too hard? Quite the contrary. George Bush is well-mocked for his slacker habits and known as being the president who had more time off in his first year in the White House than a number of his predecessors had in a full term. While lots of Americans wish Bush would, in fact, work less in order to minimize the damage he does when he does work, I’ll report back on the Aussie consensus on Rudd’s work habits as it shakes down over the rest of the week.