Addictionary is a website that lets users submit ideas for new words that don’t yet really exist in the English language — but could…or should. Submit your contribution to the English language with a definition. Vote on others. Each day a “Word of the Day” is chosen. Today’s word is executard, which is defined as:

noun, highly compensated executives who persist in making self-centered and greedy decisions that benefit themselves and hurt shareholders. Recent example would be John Thain.

Three cheers for my friend Susan Hailey, who made this submission, won the prize and then let me know about this website! Help Susan become even more famous — go to Addictionary and vote for “executard” — perhaps it will become the “Word of the Month”.

Cheech & Chong Put Act Back Together Using Google and YouTube

The New York Times reports that stand-up stoners, Cheech & Chong, are back on the road again, after a more than 20-year hiatus. Best known for their albums and films in the ’70s and ’80s with dope-infused punchlines and plotlines, the two have reunited. They split back in the mid-’80s more or less because of creative differences and each pursued a solo career — Cheech with a semi-hit song (“Born in East L.A.”) and some high-profile supporting acting gigs (“Nash Bridges”) and Chong with guest appearances on “That ’70s Show” and a 9-month sentence in federal prison after his glass-making business was raided and he was busted for manufacturing bongs (no, you can’t make this stuff up).

Differences aside now, Cheech who is 62 and Chong who is 70, are re-creating old routines before packed houses (their show this Saturday night at Radio City Music Hall is sold out). After more than 20 years apart and countless joints and bong hits literally “up in smoke” — how have the two managed to get their groove back? According to Chong, no extensive preparation was necessary: they just looked up their old routines on Google and YouTube.

(Photo from the New York Times, with credit to the film, “Still Smokin'” (1983).)

Want the ‘Aretha’? Mrs. Dewson’s Hats Has It!

It’s good to see San Francisco busineswoman Ruth Garland-Dewson making copy in this week’s SF Weekly. In a story that declares hats are making a comeback, in spite of the title “Dianne Feinstein Hatless at Obama Inauguration”, Mrs. Dewson talks about the post-inauguration bump in hat sales, due in part to Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop’s blood-red fedora or Aretha Franklin’s jaw-dropping chapeau.

“I’ve had women coming in here saying, ‘I want the Aretha.’ And I’ve got it in my front window,” says Mrs. Dewson.

As every San Francisco journalist knows, no story about hats is complete without a quote from Mrs. Dewson, who is also known as “The Mayor of Fillmore Street.” If the mayor is in, she will answer her phone. She can be reached at Mrs. Dewson’s Hats at 415-346-1600.

Picturing the Inauguration

Yesterday’s Inauguration of President Barack Obama was beyond thrilling. As someone who was born when JFK was president, but obviously doesn’t remember a thing about those promising couple of years — I’m trying to recall another time in my lifetime when America seemed so full of hope (in spite of being in a really crummy place). When Apollo 11 landed on the moon? The Bicentennial? When Bill Clinton chose “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” by Fleetwood Mac as his campaign theme song? Ok — enough! — none of that even comes close.

While the world has become a much bigger place since that first Fleetwood Mac reunion tour, we continue to break down barriers and become ever more connected with more and more Web 2.0 tools. Everybody’s using them — blogs and podcasts, photo sharing sites, social networks, video, you know the laundry list of available ways to get a message out there. In fact, there are so many outlets sometimes it becomes overwhelming to keep up. Which is why I’ve selected one source here to share with you in telling yesterday’s story. The New York Times has put together a photo assemblage by regular folks called “Picturing the Inauguration: The Readers’ Album”. This is a photo chronicle of yesterday’s events, sent in by readers and posted in the order the photos were received. It’s a true American experience, captured with professional equipment, digital cameras with just a couple of megapixels, cell phones and disposable cameras. Click here to take a look.

Photo source: New York Times.

Obama and Eggs; Or, Live Stream and Sharing Options to Watch the Inauguration

Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States in less than an hour and a half. On the West Coast, that will be 9 am, just in time for a breakfast break. For so many reasons, this inauguration is different from those past, but in step with the presidential campaign before it, it has the prestige of being the “most socially networked political event” ever. (That’s according to the San Jose Mercury News).

Looking for a quick guide of socially networked ways to be of the moment? TechCrunch has put together a handy-dandy guide of live streams and sharing options. Working from the home office does have its advantages. I’m serious about those eggs. And CNN…with maybe just a side of updating my Facebook status. Live is displaying updated Facebook statuses right now. You’ll need to go to this link and add the app to your Facebook page to take part.

(Photo credit: Yep, that’s a Flickr site!)

ImpediMed Wins G’Day USA Pitch Shootout

ImpediMed, an innovative medical device company with a product that can test whether breast cancer survivors are developing a condition known as lymphedema, bested five other Aussie state finalists at the G’Day USA Innovation Shoot Out in Silicon Valley today. Dean Takahashi, head writer for Venture Beat moderated the event. Read Dean’s report here.

ImpediMed has been awarded a slot in the ANZA Technology Network 2009 Gateway to the US program as a result of their Shoot Out win. Read the ANZA press release here.

Photo by KazzaDrask Media: ImpediMed’s Greg Brown, CEO with Queensland Minister for Trade, the Honourable Peter Beattie.

Sacrifice 10 Facebook Friends for a Whopper

Okay, c’mon. How many of those 576 friends of yours on Facebook really matter? Certainly you could trim that number down by 10 in exchange for a free Whopper from Burger King. This made me laugh. Burger King’s just taken new media marketing to a new level by challenging Facebook users to make a Whopper Sacrifice. Eliminate 10 of your “friends” and get a coupon for a free sandwich. Each time you sacrifice a friend it will show up in your activity feed, too. I’m just wondering, while I’m working here in Sydney this week, if the coupon is transferable to Hungry Jack’s?

Send me a Facebook Friend request by clicking here. I promise not to sacrifice you for a Whopper. A Big Mac is another story ; – )