Thoughts on Blogging From Peter Kim

Peter Kim, managing director at Dachis Group, and the author of the blog “Being Peter Kim”, which follows trends in social media and new ways of thinking of new media marketing, makes the following observations about making regular blog posts:

1. Once momentum is lost, it’s a lot easier for the blog to remain at rest. For all the physicists out there, there’s no lack of force around here, but it has been driving business activities other than the blog.
2. The blogs I’ve followed since “the early days” of social media post much less frequently today. That contributes to a lack of great content to react to.
3. Audiences and attention have fragmented wildly. The growth of other platforms (e.g. social networks, Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous) has clearly cut into the time and attention paid to blogs.
4. Even ego traps don’t work well anymore.
5. Not posting on a blog reminds me of that Geico commercial – it’s just sitting there watching at you, waiting for you to post again. (Read more)

Btw, Peter Kim’s last blog post before today’s was on December 8th. Thinking about making more blog posts a New Year’s resolution? Probably a good idea.

Down Under / ON TOP with Australian Actor Cameron Daddo

Actor Cameron Daddo and Advance, the global network for global Australians, have teamed up to produce a series of webisodes called “down under / ON TOP” profiling Australians living abroad and some of the interesting things they’re doing on the world stage.

Some of the many Aussies profiled so far include Nina Blackwell (press secretary for then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton), Alan Trounson (biologist and President of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine), and Kathleen McGuire (conductor and director of the Gay Men’s Chorus in San Francisco). Preview these videos here.

Down under / ON TOP was launched in San Francisco last week. You can see KazzaDrask Media’s photos of the event here.

Were you at the launch? Add I launched down under / ON TOP with Cameron Daddo in San Francisco. See the pics: to your Twitter feed or Facebook status update.

Photo above by KazzaDrask Media: From left to right: Entrepreneur Al Ramadan, Australia Consul-General & Senior Trade Commissioner Nigel Warren. Catherine Warren, actor Cameron Daddo, and Advance committee members Shelley Parsons and Marc Johnstone.

‘Editor & Publisher’ to Cease Publication After 125 Years

A sign of the times (sigh). Here’s the official obit: ‘Editor & Publisher’ to Cease Publication After 125 Years

For something a little more in depth, please see Will Bunch’s piece in the Huffington Post, “While Dying, Editor & Publisher Showed Journalism How to Live”. In the “shrug, oh well, life goes on” category, Bunch reports:

For much of today, “Editor & Publisher” was a top trending topic on Twitter — ironically, a symbol of both its impact and of the massive technological changes that conspired to kill it.

There’s much more here. E&P was a publication (both print and online, since 2003) that ran stories that reminded those of us who write to also think. All of us who have left behind the old school for the new media pastures this decade has abundantly provided — and those who never knew the old school especially — should take pause. Take 30 seconds before we hit that “Publish” or “Update” button. Think of how much more we can contribute the ongoing universal dialog that has replaced “news” by doing so.

(Read more)

B.N.E. Is ‘Getting Up’ in NYC

My recent trip to London and New York City bordered on the frenetic — so many things to see and do with good friends and family in tow most of the time. Didn’t allow for much pensive wandering with the DSLR. But that’s okay. I always carry my little Canon PowerShot SD1100 — which fits compactly in a bag or pocket and can be unobtrusively whipped out at a moment’s notice for a quick snap that doesn’t stop everyone’s momentum.

When I saw one of B.N.E.’s stickers, I knew this was a classic New York “must have” shot. Glad I took it. Today the graffiti artist who goes by these initials is featured in the New York Times (“Making a Name for Himself, with Just 3 Letters”).

Stickering, or “getting up”, is one of the newer trends in graffiti art, replacing “tagging” as a more effective way to make one’s mark. B.N.E. says he can get up as many as 500 stickers a day around New York. He has also made his mark in Japan, Hong Kong, Prague and San Francisco — which may be where I saw these stickers in the first place. According to the Times, “In 2006, B.N.E. so blanketed San Francisco that the city’s mayor, Gavin Newsom, offered a reward of $2,500 for information leading to his capture.” That reward money is still in the city’s coffers. B.N.E. has never been caught, in San Francisco, or anywhere else.

(Read more and see the B.N.E. slide show here.)