Texting Touts Movies, Not Twitter

“A bad film is a bad film,” – Hollywood executive.

This time last year, Hollywood was all over Twitter as the phenomenon to make or break a film. Reportedly, the much-anticipated Sacha Baron Cohen follow-up flick to the outrageously successful “Borat” – “Bruno” – tanked at the box office after opening weekend Twitter users saw it and tweeted that it, in 6 characters or less, “sucked.”

It was also believed that “The Blind Side”, which won an Academy Award for star Sandra Bullock got a 25% box office boost thanks to the Twitterati tweeting that it was a “must see”.

But the word in Hollywood now is that Twitter alone does not help (or hurt) a film. It is all forms of social media that feed into the universal dialog and one very personal form in particular, the text message, that ultimately gets the word out among friends that “a bad film is a bad film.” Imagine the $12.50 that could have been saved if a trusted friend had texted you while you waited in line to see “Bruno” with a simple “Sux”.

Source: The Wrap: “The Twitter Effect Isn’t What Hollywood Thought.”

How to Reconnect…Without Really Trying

It happens. You hit the wrong button and your life changes – dramatically. One minute you have 100’s of contacts in your phone, all the important birthdays and anniversaries, travel plans, meetings and dentist appointments firmly locked in. And in a nanosecond it is all gone. Your life – wiped out, right in front of you.

Your heart doesn’t even have time to sink. You need to re-synch your life and you go into battle mode. You go into your email account (yes, I was lucky) and send an email to everyone you think you might ever want to call or send a Christmas card to and ask them to resend their details. You status update on Facebook that you’ve lost everyone’s phone numbers and see who bites.

Next thing you know you’re receiving mucho sympathy and lots of catch up info. People you haven’t heard from in months are responding, using the opportunity to touch base. And you think – isn’t this a great way to reconnect? What if you didn’t actually lose all that data and just pretended you did? Wanted to see who was out there who really cared. Who your real friends were…or not?

By the way: If you do think I need your phone number and/or address, please email me your info at kazzadrask@yahoo.com.

Video: Comedian Chelsea Handler ‘Critiques’ Jenna Bush’s Reporting Skills

A “tasty dumbass treat” is how comedian Chelsea Handler describes Jenna Bush Hager’s on-camera journalistic “skills” this week. Jenna “the blonde Bush twin” daughter of ex-President George W. Bush has come a long way since her Daddy’s first term in office, when she regularly picked up citations for underage drinking that led to headlines in the New York Post like “Jenna and Tonic”. She’s graduated from college, gotten married, written a children’s book and now has scored a cushy gig on the ‘Today’ show as a special correspondent. We won’t say any more, we’ll leave that to the fabulous Chelsea Handler (who has her own sweet gig as the host of E’s Chelsea Lately and has penned the book with the best title of the 21st century – “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea”. For more Jenna bashing, see Perez Hilton’s site (natch).

Australia’s Coup D’Etat Sparks Little Interest in America

Hey America! Did you know Australia “overthrew” its unpopular Prime Minister a week and a half ago? And replaced him with a her? The first woman Prime Minister in Aussie history? Had you heard the name Kevin Rudd before? Chances are you won’t be hearing it again any time soon, so that’s okay (but for reference, that’s him in the photo to your left, next to someone else you might be more familiar with).

What about Julia Gillard? Heard of her? She looks a bit like a Cynthia Nixon from ‘Sex and the City’ (there, that got your attention). A friend of mine thought she looked more like Jodie Foster playing Cynthia Nixon in SATC, but I digress. Julia’s the new PM, but she wasn’t elected by the people (remember Jerry Ford? Sure you don’t! He was the guy who took over when Richard Nixon resigned. The one that put Chevy Chase on the comedy map for mimicking his various physical stumbles off Air Force One during his short two years in office).

Julia Gillard, Australia’s new first woman in charge may not be there very long. She’s unmarried and an atheist! (ah, yes, now there’s some real stumbling blocks in American politics). Truth be told, though, Australians could really care less about this. PM Gillard has called for elections next month to determine if she will become Australia’s first woman elected Prime Minister, or just have been a brief fluke on the Australian political landscape. Either way, our friends Down Under will “get on with it” as they say about life and its ups and downs. If they are unhappy with the outcome of the election they will not start a campaign the next day to run a telegenic Alaskan who can see Russia from her backyard against the new PM or try to prove Hawaii was really part of Kenya when whoever is elected fairly and squarely by the people takes office. It will be business as usual in Australia, as it pretty much has been since its “coup d’etat” last week.

Source: ABC.net.au “In America’s Eyes Australia’s Coup D’Etat” by Craig McMurtrie.

Photo by Larry Downing, Reuters.