Facebook Changes Its Format and the Bored Rebel

Just one of the graphics going around in the wake of this next round of changes to the Facebook format. I actually kind of like the changes. In particular the Twitter-like newsfeed in the right column, the new look of the photos your friends post and the ability to subscribe rather than “friend” the famous (or semi-famous or infamous). I also think the filtering capabilities have been improved.

International Entrepreneurs to Meet with Tech Industry Leaders at Silicon Valley Connect 2011, September 29-30

Sizhao “Zao” Yang, Founder of MyMiniLife (sold to Zynga) and Creator of Farmville to Keynote

The Computer History Museum and Silicon Valley Bank will host Silicon Valley Connect 2011, September 29-30 in Mountain View and Santa Clara, CA. The conference, organized by the Chamber of Commerce International Consortium for Entrepreneurs (CCICE) and ANZA Technology Network, welcomes technology entrepreneurs from around the world seeking to explore and gain access to business opportunities in the world’s epicenter for innovation – Silicon Valley.

The conference is designed to fully immerse entrepreneurs in the business culture and practices of Silicon Valley. Panel discussions on Thursday, September 29 at the Computer History Museum will feature representatives from IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce.com, Oracle, Blaze Mobile and more. Topics will include corporate partnerships, channels and distributions, successful startups and localization issues.

A fireside chat with Sizhao “Zao” Yang, COO and Co-Founder of BetterWorks and Founder of MyMiniLife (sold to Zynga) and Creator of Farmville, conducted by Duncan Logan of Rocketspace will precede an evening cocktail event and networking. (Read more)

Keep Your Facebook Content Fresh: Five Tips to Stop Boring Your Friends

I came across this piece the other day in Ragan’s PR Daily for businesses using social media and how they can keep their Facebook page content fresh. Right on! Too many businesses are not using social media to its fullest capacity, or worse yet, not using it properly, if at all.

But when I read this piece, it occurred to me that most of us on Facebook who use it as a way to keep connected with friends and acquaintances could use these tips, too. Now that the novelty of using Facebook has worn off, people have stopped being naturally interesting and resorted to “going through the motions”. Making posts for the sake of making posts and by default not engaging one another to participate in what is meant to be an active online community experience. Gone are the days when people were cute, clever or occasionally gave us something (usually unintentionally) that made our jaws drop.

Here, with apologies in advance to Ragan, are five tips to keep your personal Facebook content fresh and keep people from blocking you – or even more extreme – un-friending your boring and tedious a**.

1. Reward your friends – Businesses reward their fans with things like free t-shirts (bearing the brand logo, of course) or boxes of Oreos, six-packs of Pepsi. That’s no skin off their bottom line. You can reward your friends in a similar way. Think about it: old couch on its way to the dump, college textbooks highlighted with markers and featuring your innermost doodles, a dusty old desktop or Jack LaLanne power juicer. Why not offer these things to your Facebook friends on a first come, first pick it up off my doorstep basis. A photo of said giveaway will undoubtedly increase comments.

2. Improvise – Or, in the case of friends vs. business pages, be impulsive! “Like” that link your ex-boss’s ex-wife posted. Chime in on the commentary bandwagon a group from your high school graduating class is all over. Stop being a lurker – the equivalent of the nosy neighbor who watches life from behind the Venetian blinds. Contribute to your Facebook community.

3. Maintain a content mix – In this age of “we are all deejays” and like to think we can mix it up, heed to this advice. Mix it up on your Facebook page. Don’t just post those pleas for jewels and zoo animals. Don’t just whine about the painstaking rehabilitation following your big toe reconstructive surgery. And, please don’t be a bore with your politics and your work. A mix of all of the above would still be dull – but at least it would keep us guessing on which dull twist your life might make next, and by contrast, make our lives seem more interesting.

4. Develop timely content – Unless you’re one of those nostalgia buffs who keep us entertained with YouTube clips of random ’70s horror flicks and Jackson 5 mashups, try to keep your posts in step with the current times. Comments and links to this week’s GOP Presidential Hopeful Debate, good. Comments and links to last week’s GOP Presidential Hopeful Debate, well…confusing. Same goes for commenting on friends’ statuses and photos. Within 48 hours, ok. Two years later, creepy. Sure, we know we posted those photos of that wacky wine tasting weekend for all the world to see, but did we ever think someone would troll through them years later and actually let us know they did? Um, no.

5. Cover yourself live – Facebook’s check-in feature is the least offensive way to keep us up-to-date with what you’re doing now. In a simple, understated way, one can appear to be leading a charmed life when they are sipping cappuccinos at three in the afternoon or at the opening of a new art show at a funky little gallery in what used to be a bad part of town. As with every aspect of Facebook, though, sharing too much is worse than not sharing at all. Checking in at annual preventive health care screenings go beyond the bounds of good taste. Real-time back and forth with family over who forgot to take the chicken fricasse out of the freezer totally lame – unless of course there are photos showing us the fricasse all over the floor followed by your marital status changed to “Divorced”.

Source: Ragan’s PR Daily

Find a Friendly Toilet with CLOO’

You knew it was coming – in this age of “an app for everything” CLOO’ is an app that will help you find a clean, safe toilet to use when you’re on the go and well, have to go. Or, more importantly, in this age of endless recession and wily entrepreneurship, why not make a buck off your toilet when you’re not using it yourself.

CLOO’ – which is shorthand for Community + Loo (the British slang equivalent for “john”, “throne” and “seeing a man about a horse”) plans to launch early next year. According to its website:

CLOO’ is a community of registered users who choose to share their bathrooms and make city-living easier, while earning a small profit. Using social media connections, CLOO’ shows what friends you have in common with the host, turning a stranger’s loo into a friend of a friend’s loo.

In exchange for listing your loo and allowing friends (and friends of friends) to use yours, a simple token payment can be exchanged from your “guest’s” Smartphone to yours. Even better news than better days are coming next time you’re in the big city and need a place to pee? CLOO’ is hiring!

Source: Los Angeles Times technology blog.

The Internet: 1996 vs 2011

Graphic courtesy of Online University.

Happy flashback! Remember the days when you used Webcrawler and Netscape to surf the web? Or how it used to take 30 seconds to download a page? Of course you don’t! Most interesting stat: in 1996 we spent an average of 30 minutes a month online. Today we spend 27 hours a month online! Any more questions about where all our free time has gone?

UPDATE: Via Mashable – GoDaddy.com was not founded until 1997 and did not actually use the name GoDaddy.com until 1999. Ooops!