Recapturing Youth Through Social Media

I’m going to go out on a limb here – having just read this excellent piece by William Deresiewicz in the New York Times called “Generation Sell”. I’m going to say that social media is a fountain of youth. And I don’t mean in the way some people use it by posting photos of themselves taken 10 years ago.

No. Social media can actually make us think like we’re 27. And, I don’t mean “27 again” – because for most of us currently trying to recapture youth, that was a time when when we were hunkered down in Baby Boom, Gen Jones or Gen X thought. Even if social media existed back then, we’d be too self-absorbed, trying to keep up or just plain slacking to think outside the box about how it might help us be better people.

Deresiewicz, who is living in one of today’s epicenter’s of cool – Portland, Oregon – wrote “Generation Sell” as an exercise to define today’s youth culture. You know who they are – little entrepreneurs who do everything from create billion dollar companies in their hoodies to those who sell homemade pickles at the farmer’s market. Money isn’t important. It doesn’t matter if they have a lot or a little. The common bond they share is “social entrepreneurship”. It’s not about promoting their products – it’s about promoting themselves and what they believe in – whether that is sharing your life online or your pickles with your community.

Those under 30 use social media “to create a product – to create a brand” and that product is them. They treat themselves like “little businesses, something to be managed and promoted.” How fun! What if we all enjoyed doing that as much as Generation Sell does? We could indeed recapture youth through social media then. We could all be Generation Sell.

G’Day Mateys, iOS 5.0.1 Update Understands Australian

Because any Aussie will tell you, Australian is indeed a language unto itself.

Apparently Siri and other voice recognition Apple tools were having trouble understanding the Australian dialect – which is quite distinct from the English spoken by so many others, including those bloody Yanks.

Hoping iOS 5.0.1 sorts out all those g’days and more.

My Top 10 iPhone 3G Photos


Let us remember, that once upon a time, 3 years or so years ago, there was an Apple iPhone 3G that took pretty good pictures. It had a whopping 2 megapixels, no optical zoom, flash or autofocus, and did not support video recording. In spite of those limitations, my iPhone 3G and I were constant companions, and when we encountered something where words would be either too much – or not enough – we took a photo.

Now I’ve upgraded. It was time. In the nearly 3 years we had together, camera phones have leaped dramatically in megapixels alone. The new iPhone 4S has 8 of them, and many other features (including this thing called “video”) that render the 3G sort of the Instamatic of the digital camera world.

But before we say goodbye and have a proper eco-friendly disposal somewhere, I wanted to remember what digital phone photos looked like say circa 2009. Out of hundreds faithfully backed up on my hard drive, I’ve chosen my Top 10.

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