Hundreds of Innocent People Confused: Which Seth Hosted the Oscars?

The Daily Dot reports that hundreds of innocent people were confused last night over who was hosting the 85th annual Academy Awards telecast.

In our usual two-screen viewing fashion, several were both dazed and confused when they looked up from their Twitter feed to discover it was not actor Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, The Green Hornet) hosting the awards, but rather Seth MacFarlane (creator of the TV series “Family Guy” and director of the foul-mouthed talking teddy bear movie, Ted).

Rogen (@sethrogen) tried to correct the first tweet he noticed that identified him as the host, but the Twitterverse could not be stopped. So, the actor decided to play along, tweeting:

So psyched to be hosting the Oscars tonight! Its gonna be a great show!

Ultimately, Rogen was outed by one @IamBeccaStanley who tweeted:

@sethrogen don’t be a jerk. You’ve confused hundreds of innocent people #Oscars2013

Which was promptly retweeted by Rogen. Game over.

Meanwhile, the real Seth who was hosting the Oscars, Seth MacFarlane, has woken up this morning to mixed reviews of his gig. He gets points for his unexpected singing and dancing ability, and loses points for nearly everything else (see The New Yorker’s “Seth MacFarlane and the Oscars’ Hostile, Ugly, Sexist Night”). By the way, there have been no tweets from @SethMacFarlane since Saturday night.

Photos: Top: Seth Rogen. Bottom: Seth MacFarlane.

Source: The Daily Dot, “Seth Rogen Trolls Twitter into Believing He Hosted the Oscars”.

First Social Media Pope, Benedict XVI, Resigns in Vatican Speech Given in Latin

Just two months after he joined Twitter, Pope Benedict XVI (aka @Pontifex) has resigned.

The 85-year-old head of the Catholic Church said he would step down at the end of February because he felt he could no longer fulfill his duties.

Unlike celebrities, world leaders and the other 200 million Twitter users, the Pope did not use the social media platform to tell the world the news. Instead, he read a speech in the ancient language of Latin to a gathering of cardinals at his residence in the Vatican.

The Pope had over 1.5 million followers on his English-language Twitter account (last December he launched accounts in several languages), yet he wasn’t much of an avid Tweeter. He (well, more likely his communications team) tweeted just 34 times in the two months since joining the social network. And he only followed eight others – not surprisingly, they were eight of his other accounts, pretty much defeating the purpose of engaging with his audience.

Sources: “Pope Benedict Resigns in Historic Move”, Yahoo!7News and “Twitter Users Top 200 Million”, The Australian.