We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live

joandidionI don’t think I’ve been this excited about a documentary in a long time! (And I get excited easily about documentaries.) Actor/director Griffin Dunne is producing a documentary about his aunt, the mighty literary legend of a generation – Joan Didion.

Not only is Joan Didion my favorite living writer – heck, she might be my favorite writer – period. The way she captured the ’60s and ’70s in her essays in books like Slouching Toward Bethlehem and The White Album showcased to me, at the time, a different type of journalism than the one I was studying. Perhaps, it was, way back before her groundbreaking memoir on life and loss – The Year of Magical Thinking – her mantra in action: “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”

Which, aptly, is the title of the documentary being produced. Its Kickstarter campaign reached its goal within 24 hours (no surprise there), but you can still get in on the action. There’s some great “freebies” you’ll receive for making a donation which is nice. But being a part of this film, even for a small donation, is probably what it’s going to be all about for you if you are a fan of Joan Didion’s work.

Watch the trailer here:

Then, give until it hurts – or you get your pdf copies of Joan’s 12 favorite books and recipes, signed postcards or a t-shirt. It’s up to you. Click here to contribute.

Photo courtesy of the Kickstarter campaign.