Jeanne and Mike: Original Art

For the past year I have spent all my free time (and then some) making a short documentary about my parents, Jeanne and Mike Drasky, and the art in their house.

The movie is called “Jeanne and Mike: Original Art”, and you can play the thumbnail version below, or click over to Vimeo to watch on a full screen.

I was not a filmmaker when I started this project. I’m not sure if I can actually call myself one now, because I made this 14-minute film with my iPhone.

It started simply enough. I recorded my parents, first just on audio, then later on video, talking about how, over the course of their 56 years of marriage, they have never bought a piece of original art for their home. All the art and craft and photos and memorabilia on the walls, the shelves, the kitchen countertops, the back porch, has been created by them and other family members. Three generations (and counting) of self-taught artists.