IC Meet Series: Q&A With Kathy Drasky

I love participating in the Indisposable Concept – a project dedicated to film photography and bringing back the use of disposable cameras. Long before the first cell phone and its little one- or two-megapixel camera, let alone the latest iPhone, we occasionally picked up a disposable camera at Walgreens or CVS on our way to a party or on our way out of town. In many ways, these little grab-and-go cameras were a precursor of what was to come. Shooting with one today is a trip back in time to when you really had to think about if you wanted to make a photo of something. There is no taking a look at your images and there is no deleting as you snap your way through a roll of film. And, you have to wait at least a couple of hours after you finish a roll to see your efforts.

Selfie with film

Meet Kathy Drasky

We call it the #ICMEETSERIES and thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more about the people behind the disposables. We asked a few IC contributors to tell us a bit about themselves and this is what we got in return…

Kathy Drasky – San Francisco, CA. USA

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