A Weekly Photo Journey on Medium.com

This could be overly ambitious, but I’ve started a (semi)- / (sort of)-weekly photo journal on Medium.com.

At about 8 weeks into the New Year, I’ve been sticking with it. It took me a while, but last year I began a very good work habit of uploading my photos, processing them and tagging them once a week. I learned this lesson the hard way when I finally got together a portfolio of 10 years’ work that took about two years to complete. I knew that things had to change.

Now, after establishing much better workflow practices I thought I would begin to write a little more about the images I make. What influences them? What works? What doesn’t? And because photography has become such a major part of my life over the past decade, I wanted to write about that – a journal, if you will.

You can always see my recent entry here. Wish me luck in keeping up this new practice.