Street Photography

Divisadero Corridor photo blog

San Francisco’s Divisadero Corridor is my neighborhood. I have been documenting its changes on since 2004.

The photo blog was conceived by San Francisco resident KT Drasky as a way to chronicle the changes in her neighborhood, originally through digital photography and later iPhoneography as it developed. “Just five or six years ago I would walk along the Corridor in the late afternoons and there would be no one around. Now all that’s changed.”

As the neighborhood gentrifies, Drasky has expanded the project to curate photos taken by others along the Divisadero Corridor, to obtain many perspectives to the change – both pro and con. In spite of wine bars, upscale groceries and award-winning restaurants, the Divisadero Corridor still clings to its rough exterior and continues to promote a healthy sense of community. “The best photos come about when the old and new intersect, capturing this unique time in a neighborhood’s history.”

Visit the Divisadero Corridor photo blog on Tumblr.

Photo credit: “The Divisadero Corridor, San Francisco’s Most Eclectic Neighborhood” by KT Drasky.