Different Approaches for Social and Traditional Media Success

I know I write a lot about Twitter and Facebook on this blog. After all, they are still the shiny new toys as opposed to the old tried-and-true pile of traditional PR tools like calling journalists and writing press releases. But, I just read PR Squared’s daily post and in addition to giving some really good advice, they had this awesome picture that blends apples (social media) with oranges (traditional PR). Bottom line:

“The goal is to do a good job in Social Media and in Traditional Media. Success in BOTH arenas creates a force-multiplier effect. The trick is understanding that you need to craft custom approaches to these varying audiences.Social Media demands 24/7 presence, frequently-updated and relevant content, a diplomatic and distinct voice. Traditional Media requires careful timing, a differentiated story, a proud voice, a tightly-packaged and closely-held assembly of content, verifiable proof and articulate defenders.

Understand the difference. Do both.”

Thank you PR Squared for keeping it real for those of us playing too much with the new toys. Think I’ll go back and put the Barbie in the Tonka Truck and go for a spin. (Read more)

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