‘Editor & Publisher’ to Cease Publication After 125 Years

A sign of the times (sigh). Here’s the official obit: ‘Editor & Publisher’ to Cease Publication After 125 Years

For something a little more in depth, please see Will Bunch’s piece in the Huffington Post, “While Dying, Editor & Publisher Showed Journalism How to Live”. In the “shrug, oh well, life goes on” category, Bunch reports:

For much of today, “Editor & Publisher” was a top trending topic on Twitter — ironically, a symbol of both its impact and of the massive technological changes that conspired to kill it.

There’s much more here. E&P was a publication (both print and online, since 2003) that ran stories that reminded those of us who write to also think. All of us who have left behind the old school for the new media pastures this decade has abundantly provided — and those who never knew the old school especially — should take pause. Take 30 seconds before we hit that “Publish” or “Update” button. Think of how much more we can contribute the ongoing universal dialog that has replaced “news” by doing so.

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