Facebook Turns 10

In case you were offline the other day (which is the new euphemism for “being under a rock”), you could not have missed Facebook’s 10th birthday celebration. Yes, believe it or don’t (you probably don’t – with decent enough reason – which we’ll get to in a second), the world’s biggest social networking site has been on this planet since 2004.

But you probably didn’t join right away, unless you were at an Ivy League college, or maybe in high school. More likely you came on board in 2007, 2008 or 2009 – which makes Facebook somewhat newer to you.

But to plug up any FOMO gaps you might be experiencing, simply tap into one of those algorithm tools that have been going around the Interwebs the past few weeks to realize how many months of your life you’ve spent on Facebook. It’s not pretty – but then if you subtract the hours no longer spent talking on the phone, answering emails or listening to voicemails, it kind of evens out a bit.

Love it or like it (if you’ve read this far you probably don’t hate it), Facebook has changed the way we communicate and it’s been for the better. It has reconnected people, kept families in touch who are spread out around the world, and united like-minded individuals together to change laws, raise awareness and save whales (well…you get the gist).

Facebook’s birthday gift to us this week is a neat little widget called “Look Back” which instantly pulls together a 60-second video of your top photos and posts shared on the site since you joined.  Again, any service that can (arbitrarily) toss together your memories (good and bad) in a couple of seconds is a game changer.

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