Favorite Shots of 2015


It’s that time of year again, another year of photography, another selection of favorite photos – or in this year’s case – significant photos.

In assembling this year’s picks, I came across a quote from Ansel Adams that I was somewhat surprised I had never seen before. Perhaps it’s new to you, too:

Twelve significant photos in any one year is a good crop.

I realized what went into my selections of so-called favorites was in big part their significance to me. They are not always great photos, or even good ones. They are not the ones that got the most likes on Instagram or in many cases photos I shared anywhere until today.

My 12 most significant photos of 2015.

I write a lot more about photos on KazzaDrask Mixed Media – and I wrote a lot more about pulling the truth out of your most significant photos as a way to identify your recurring themes of any given year. Mine were struggle, challenge, closure and an all-important need to not take yourself too seriously. Have a look at the album on Flickr.

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