Is Social Media Full of Introverts?

You would think so. I mean, how many online articles have you come across in the last few months make the case for extroversion?

Or, maybe as long-time self-described introverts, we’re not looking for those.

Actually, this week, I’ve found out that I’m an ambivert – which is probably something like the bisexual of personality types. Nobody believes you can have your cake and eat it, too. Although an increased choice of personality issues is probably not the same as an increased choice of potential dates.

Just sayin’.

I have long been aware of my introversion tendencies, except that before I took one of those off-line tests many years ago, I just wondered what was wrong with me.

While I dread social situations and make plans I spend more time trying to wrangle out of than look forward to, I’m usually fine when I get around people. In fact, I’m often one of the last to leave. Alcohol helps. But then again so did I line I read somewhere about 10 years ago. “For every hour I spend with people I need two to recover.” Whereas the extrovert needs the input of others to thrive, the introvert needs time alone to recharge. Knowing that the following day I’ll keep to myself makes a huge difference for this introvert to be more social.

And, so does social media.

Social media is probably not full of introverts, but I’ll bet we’re more active. It provides us with a quiet way to interact with others that doesn’t make the same heady demands on us as going to a party or a networking event. Engagement is on our terms. And it can be rendered subtly, quietly, by clicking on a “like” or “favorite” button.

While the ambivert in me seeks some feedback on her words and images – what better place to garner that than on social media? Rattle off 140 characters or post a photo. You’ve made your statement. Don’t like the response – you can delete the post or photo and act like it never happened. Is the attention too much? You can ignore it or resort to the “like” or “favorite” methodology. No response at all? Twitter is the introvert’s playground.

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