Jeanne and Mike: Original Art Named One of the Top 250 Indie Docs of 2015

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Earlier this year I wrote about a shift in KazzaDrask Media – from video to filmmaking, but keeping that iPhone front and center in the process. I had made what I considered a film – a short, independent documentary film about my parents and the art in their house called Jeanne and Mike: Original Art. I shot it with my iPhone 5s, took many of the still photos with my iPhone 5s and edited the film using iMovie. It was as much a study of my family’s history of self-taught artists as it was a study in making a film with the low-cost and readily available tools we all have at our hands. At the time of that post – I wondered if I could even call myself a filmmaker. Today I got my answer.

Jeanne and Mike: Original Art has been named one of the top 250 independent documentary films of 2015 by the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards.

Am I a filmmaker? Well, I guess I can say, “Hell yeah!”

We’re about halfway through the film fest circuit since the release of this film in mid-2015. A few other awards and recognitions have come our way, including being named an Official Selection of the Underfunded Film Festival and being nominated for best international short documentary by the monthly Wendy’s Online Film Awards (we didn’t win – but its all about being nominated, right?)


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While KazzaDrask Media is far from ready to give up our day job telling your stories using digital media – Kathy Drasky will continue to tell hers as a filmmaker with an iPhone.