KazzaDrask Media Awarded Gold Medal for Communications Curation

Our topic Back Chat has achieved another gold medal in the Communications category on ScoopIt, a leading online content curation publishing tool.

We started BackChat all the way back in 2011, realizing a need to begin curating the content found about the way we communicate online. Finding ScoopIt to help us do that has been the perfect fit. You don’t need to be in the communications business to realize the value that a service like ScoopIt can add. If you want a little more breakdown of it in the we way help people pitch in Silicon Valley – “it’s like Pinterest, but with some substantial words and links and thrown in.” If for example, you love food (and, quite frankly, who doesn’t?), you can start a ScoopIt page for recipes, restaurants, healthy eating — you get the gist.


We love communications – and when we realized the many ways we now have to do that were changing faster than we could download the app, write a blog post or make a tweet that would actually mean something to us if we ever looked back, we turned to online curation as the best way to keep track. On Back Chat we follow what conversations are trending online and what the big communication players (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, etc.) and numerous smaller ones are up to. Since 2011 when we started Back Chat, unequivocally the biggest shift has been from what we called “online culture” to “mobile culture”. Our four years (and counting) of curated content in this area has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best!

It’s an honor to be singled out by a communications leader like ScoopIt for our work. So, thank you ScoopIt – and here’s to more people getting on board the curation train ASAP.