Click Here for Stupid: Two Guys Arrested for Trying to Trade iPod Touch and Some Marijuana for an iPad Online

For those who like the saying, “You can get anything on the Internet” a Craiglist post from Arizona last week proves that to not always be the case. For instance, you can’t get an iPad by offering to trade your iPod touch and 7 grams of marijuana. But you can get arrested.

That’s what happened to two dudes from Gilbert, Arizona last week (we’ve been kind and only posted the mug shot of one of them here). After posting an ad on Craigslist offering the iPod Touch and pot in exchange for an iPad, police officers posing as idiots interested in the offer got in touch. When suspect one went to accept the iPad in exchange for the dope – busted! Suspect two was charged with being equally stupid and both now face charges of “transportation and sale of marijuana.”

Kids, there are easier (and smarter) ways to get an iPad. Really.

Sources: and Mashable.

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Ferris Bueller and Friends Tweet and Use FourSquare…for an Afternoon

If you’re reading this now, you missed it. An excellent play on Twitter and Foursquare reenacting everybody’s favorite movie from the ’80s — a modern classic — Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

The premise: On May 7, @ferris_bueller appeared on Twitter and began tweeting lines of dialogue from the movie and assorted asides. Other characters like Sloane Peterson (Ferris’ girlfriend), Jeannie Bueller (his sister), Mr. Rooney (the dastardly school principal) and eventually even best friend Cameron and Abe Froman (the Sausage King of Chicago) joined in. (As of this morning, Froman is still tweeting (@FromanSausage).

A Foursquare account was added along the way, and eventually Ferris checked in at Wrigley Field (natch).

And then, according to TechCrunch, just as suddenly as it started, Ferris Bueller’s day on Twitter ended. A final tweet from our hero: “You’re still here? It’s over. Go home…. Go.”

Source: TechCrunch