Jeanne and Mike: Original Art Named One of the Top 250 Indie Docs of 2015

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Earlier this year I wrote about a shift in KazzaDrask Media – from video to filmmaking, but keeping that iPhone front and center in the process. I had made what I considered a film – a short, independent documentary film about my parents and the art in their house called Jeanne and Mike: Original Art. I shot it with my iPhone 5s, took many of the still photos with my iPhone 5s and edited the film using iMovie. It was as much a study of my family’s history of self-taught artists as it was a study in making a film with the low-cost and readily available tools we all have at our hands. At the time of that post – I wondered if I could even call myself a filmmaker. Today I got my answer.

Jeanne and Mike: Original Art has been named one of the top 250 independent documentary films of 2015 by the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards.

Am I a filmmaker? Well, I guess I can say, “Hell yeah!”

We’re about halfway through the film fest circuit since the release of this film in mid-2015. A few other awards and recognitions have come our way, including being named an Official Selection of the Underfunded Film Festival and being nominated for best international short documentary by the monthly Wendy’s Online Film Awards (we didn’t win – but its all about being nominated, right?)


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While KazzaDrask Media is far from ready to give up our day job telling your stories using digital media – Kathy Drasky will continue to tell hers as a filmmaker with an iPhone.

366 – A Photo a Day for 2012

Click on link to play video now: 366 – A Photo A Day For 2012 by KT Drasky

Enjoy this (relatively) quick look back on the year that just was for KazzaDrask Media. It started as an experiment. Try taking a photo a day with some of the fun lo-fi apps and filters available from the App Store for the (then) new iPhone 4s. It ended as a study in iPhoneography and a document of a year gone by – street scenes and signs in and around San Francisco, visits with friends and family and great trips and travel. Three continents, four countries, 15 states and more than 40 cities. Enjoy.

If you’re thinking about doing a Photo a Day project for 2013, read this: 10 Tips for Shooting a Daily Photo Project for 2013.

Video: Fran Leibowitz on Microwave Texting

Fran Leibowitz is probably more famous for not writing than she is for her books (Metropolitan Life, Social Studies and an obscure children’s book). Currently, she’s the talk of the town (the global town, that is) with an HBO documentary about her called Public Speaking, directed by Martin Scorsese.

Leibowitz does not own a computer. According to this video, she doesn’t even own a typewriter – so social media and all our tweets and pings mean nothing to her. How long can she get away with being so disconnected? Until you can send a text from your microwave!

Postscript: Just came across this great take on la Leibowitz, who has managed to live the glamorous life of a writer without actually having to write much in the last 30 years. On her refusal to use social media, this writer says, “If you are the kind of person who is interested in Fran Lebowitz, you have at least four or five friends who are every bit as witty and amusing as Fran Lebowitz. They have the funniest Twitter feeds, and probably a Tumblr, and then are always ready to tell you a hilariously elaborate story about the crazy homeless guy who tried to feel them up on the train….” which of course they snap a photo of with their iPhone and then post to their blog!

Rachel Shukert, The Tablet “Boulevardier”.

Video: Meg Whitman’s Big Twitter Fail

We told you yesterday that voting in California could be fun. And what was more fun that this? Billionaire Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for governor is going down faster than a bid for that vintage fondue set you’ve had your eye on over at Ebay (where Whitman made said billions that led her to her ‘bid’ for the governor’s office). Last week, according to the Huffington Post, a tweet by a campaign operative meant to endorse Whitman over the Dem candidate Jerry Brown dropped an ‘r’ off a url.

Clicking on the link took one to this video, not the Whitman website.

Source: Huffington Post, “Meg Whitman Twitter FAIL Becomes YouTube Sensation.”

VIDEO: Facebook Movie ‘The Social Network’ in 1-Minute

Of course everybody’s talking about that “Facebook movie” opening today called The Social Network. With more Facebook users than there are Indonesians, it’s safe to say there are going to be a lot of people who want to see the back story about the start up of this social network with a population somewhere between the third and fourth largest countries in the world. But not everyone will have the 2 hours it takes to watch it in full (even if it does feature Justin Timberlake in a non-singing, albeit starring, role).

So, the good animators at NMA.TV have put together a 1-minute version of The Social Network for you. Save that $12.50 and click here to watch. Then spend the next 119 minutes of your time on Facebook.

Hat tip: TechCrunch.

VIDEO: You’re Not Still Writing Resumes, Are You?

Need a job? Try something like this. It was sent in response to an ad for a Project/Product Manager position at Pollenizer, an Australian company that helps web-based businesses grow and flourish.

Ok. So maybe this approach won’t help you land that senior banking executive position…yet. But creative approaches using social media tools to promote your business have been with us for a couple of years now. When your business is you, shouldn’t the same rules apply? Furthermore, a recent Pew study finds that social media is not just for “kids”. Chances are very good that the 50-year-old doing the hiring knows a thing or two about YouTube.

Hat tip to Delimiter for sharing this story.

Video: Taxi Jazz – Move Over Texting While Driving, This is Multi-Tasking

Hat tip to some friends on Facebook for this hyperlocal San Francisco gem: the clarinet-playing taxi driver. This guy ought to make Oprah re-think that retirement, her work in getting multi-taskers off the road was clearly only beginning with the driving-while-texting crowd. In my many years in San Francisco, I haven’t had the pleasure of a cab ride with this guy yet, but I have gotten a ride with the burrito-eating bongo player. Anyone have a video of him?

Video: Comedian Chelsea Handler ‘Critiques’ Jenna Bush’s Reporting Skills

A “tasty dumbass treat” is how comedian Chelsea Handler describes Jenna Bush Hager’s on-camera journalistic “skills” this week. Jenna “the blonde Bush twin” daughter of ex-President George W. Bush has come a long way since her Daddy’s first term in office, when she regularly picked up citations for underage drinking that led to headlines in the New York Post like “Jenna and Tonic”. She’s graduated from college, gotten married, written a children’s book and now has scored a cushy gig on the ‘Today’ show as a special correspondent. We won’t say any more, we’ll leave that to the fabulous Chelsea Handler (who has her own sweet gig as the host of E’s Chelsea Lately and has penned the book with the best title of the 21st century – “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea”. For more Jenna bashing, see Perez Hilton’s site (natch).