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KazzaDrask Media provides creative original content and dynamic curated content that will enhance your presence on the web, mobile devices and the movie screen.

KazzaDrask Media is led by Kathy Drasky, an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker. Her film, Jeanne and Mike: Original Art, made with an iPhone, was named one of the top 250 best independent documentary films of 2015 by the Spotlight Film Awards.

An accomplished digital and mobile photographer, Kathy’s work has appeared in print in magazines like 7×7, newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle and in the 200 Yards street photography gallery shows. Kathy’s images have also been featured online by Hip Hop: The NYC Experience, the Indisposable Concept, Mobiography, Sad Stuff on the Street and Slate.

Kathy believes that every good story needs a strongly written and tightly researched component. Writing, editing and curating content are the backbone of KazzaDrask Media and it is here that Kathy’s example may shine brightest. With decades of experience as a writer and editor across the varied disciplines of publishing, journalism, PR and marketing, Kathy has produced millions of words of copy for print, online and digital sources. She was a pioneer in the desktop publishing industry, an original contributor to some of the first online publications, an early adopter of social media and an award-winning content curator. At every phase of her career she has been part of the digital media revolution.

Career highlights:

Received B.A. in English with a Writing Option from Western Connecticut State University, 1984.

Worked as a Production Editor, Associate Editor and Managing Editor in Connecticut, New York and California for Appleton & Lange, Meckler Media, Institute of Management and Veterinary Practice Publishing, 1984 – 1992.

Launched K. Drasky Editorial & Design – a full-service editing, proofreading and graphic design business in San Francisco. Clients included John Wiley & Sons, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, Princeton University Press and many more, 1992 – 2007.

Freelance writer for local print publications like the Bay Area Reporter and universal online publications, with a concentration on the dot.coms. Yes, I wrote for the Sock Puppet people (i.e., Pets.com). Many of the online links to this material are no longer active, but if you really want to see copy, I can scan some for you. Current writing samples here and here.

Shifted gears into public relations, marketing and digital media with two new clients beginning in 2006 – ANZA Technology Network and Out4Immigration. Both organizations had unique messages to get out to the masses but limited resources in making that happen. This led to the formation of KazzaDrask Media, 2007 – present.

With ANZA Technology Network, I began digitally photographing events and working with video crews in both Silicon Valley and Australia. With Out4Immigration I began using social media to raise awareness about a cause that affected some 40,000 same-sex binational couples in the United States – the lack of immigration rights without recognition of same-sex marriage. Yes indeed, the personal is political – my wife and I were one of these couples, and ANZA, run by my wife, was the glue that kept us in America during some very turbulent years.

From 2008 – 2012 I did numerous small PR jobs and photo shoots – but my work with Ruth Garland-Dewson, the Mayor of Fillmore Street, really shifted my photography. She put me in front of Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry – your work would shift, too.

Changed a law in 2013 (with a lot of help from numerous other organizations and individuals). Out4Immigration, in tandem with GetEqual and the DOMA Project, was instrumental in crafting the stories of same-sex binational couples from a grassroots perspective. These stories helped changed hearts and minds – most notably that of five Supreme Court Justices who ruled Section 3 of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional.

Began filming Faces of the Network, a regular video series featuring successful technology entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley, 2013 – present.

Wrote, directed and filmed a short documentary about my parents and the art in their house, Jeanne & Mike: Original Art. It was named one of the top 250 Independent Documentaries of 2015 by the Spotlight Film Awards.

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